The Brooklyn Film Society is the organizer of the Brooklyn Film Festival.


To provide a public forum in Brooklyn in order to advance public interest in films and the independent production of films.

To draw worldwide attention to Brooklyn as a center for cinema.

To encourage the rights of all Brooklyn residents to access and experience the power of independent filmmaking, and to promote artistic excellence and the creative freedom of artists without censure.

To promote, foster, stimulate, increase, and advance Brooklyn's public interest in film through the following means:

- To organize, sponsor, and present forums, lectures, and discussions related to the creation of independent films;

- To conduct classes and workshops for the development of new filmmakers and the public exhibition of new and existing works;

- To partner with likeminded organizations to exhibit new and existing works;

To support arts organizations with similar missions as a fiscal sponsor

To hold an annual competitive film festival in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Film Festival



Marco Ursino, President
Mario Pegoraro, Vice President
Susan Mackell, Treasurer
Matthew Rogers, Secretary
Bennett Wilson, Member

Ph: 718 388 4306
Fx: 718 599 5039
E: info@brooklynfilmsociety.org
Address: PO Box 110521 - Brooklyn, NY 11211